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Donations & Sponsorships
Thank you for your support, participation and engagement. We couldn't make this school the wonderful place that it is without you! Whether you read our emails, participated in one of our many programs, organized an event, or contributed financially, we are tremendously grateful for your engagement and support!     ‚Äč

There are a number of ways you can make a financial donation to our school. If there is a specific project you would like to financially support please designate your donation with a comment regarding how you would like it applied. 

Although Student Aid donations are a large portion of the donations received, we have many other needs. Below are different ways you can donate, as well as some ongoing projects that you can designate specifically if you wish.

Thank you in advance for your support and commitment to Lodi Academy. It is people like you that help keep our mission strong.



  • Sign-up for a Target RedCard, or other school supporting rewards card, and link it to Lodi Academy.

    • Twice a year Target and other stores will forward a percentage of your purchase sales onto a charitable organization of your choice. All you have to do is associate your rewards card with Lodi Academy and the store will do the rest.


  • Cash Donations through a matching fund.


    • There are many companies that will match money that is donated through them. Check and see if your company will do the same. This is an easy way to turn $100 into $200.


  • Online Cash donation


    • On our home page is a link to donate through Adventist School Pay. You can use your check card or credit card. Your donation will be passed on directly to the school.


  • LEGACY BRICK Donation


    • This wonderful project will surround the Tan Pavilion in the center of the educational quad. Click HERE to download the form to purchase your own brick.


  • Item Donation

    • One man's trash is another man's treasure. There are many items that Lodi Academy would love to incorporate into our campus...even previously enjoyed items! If you know of anything your company is getting rid of that still has useful purpose, please call us!

The projects below would benefit greatly from a donation of your time, skill and/or materials:  

  • Electronic message sign

    • To keep our community informed of the activities and events put on by the school as well as to encourage community members to come and check out our campus an electronic sign at the corner of Central and Kettleman has been proposed. We are currently gathering funds and a conceptual design to begin this project. 

  • Administration Building Sign (click HERE for picture)

    • When driving up to Lodi Academy I feel we need to stand out. Let everyone know where the center of campus is. These letters will be visible from a distance during the day and lighted at night as well

  • Gym Equipment

    • With such a great music program at Lodi Academy, the gym sometimes gets left in the wings. Here are a few items that we could use. Used ones would be great too.

      1. Commercial floor scrubber.

      2. Updated sound system including speakers, amplifier, sound board and audio recording equipment.

      3. Field aerator

These are just some ideas and information about donating to Lodi Academy. If you have any questions or other items that you think we might be interested in, please call our Business Manager Mark Lockwood at 209-368-2781.

LODI ACADEMY | 1230 S. Central Ave Lodi, CA 95240-5999 | 209.368.2781