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The Philosophy of Lodi Academy Titan Athletics
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The Philosophy of Lodi Academy Titan Athletics

At Lodi Academy, we believe in educating the whole person mentally, physically and spiritually. Participation in Interscholastic Athletics provides student-athletes with the opportunity to push themselves mentally by allowing them to think and work through situations within the team concept. Students are expected to maintain an acceptable academic standing and to strive for excellence in the classroom. Student-athletes learn physically through training, practice and participation in all team related activities. Participants are motivated to achieve their personal best, thus helping the team to reach its full potential.

Athletics & Spirituality 
Life principles are taught through participation in athletics at Lodi Academy. Spirituality and Christian principles are emphasized by Coaches daily with players at every practice and in every game. Players are taught to compete as a Christian, putting God first, team second and self last. Respect for opponents, teammates, coaches and officials is the first step in showing a Christ-like character to those that we come in contact with.

It is our belief that competitive athletics can be a very positive educational tool. With the right spirit of participation, athletics teach commitment, discipline, and the spirit of competition as used in our society on a day-to-day basis. Each day individuals are faced with challenging situations and tough decisions. A student-athlete is continually challenged mentally, physically and spiritually while participating in athletic events. We hope to equip our student-athletes to appropriately deal with situations that they are faced with in all areas of life. 

We would encourage every young man and woman to become involved in our athletic program. We believe that winning and losing have important and very basic lessons to teach young people. As a department and as individuals, we will dedicate ourselves to work with, guide, and direct our young athletes toward the positive aspects of athletics and good sportsmanship in conjunction with our Christian beliefs and principles. 

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Lodi Academy Sports Teams: 
Flag Football - Men
Flag Football - Women
Volleyball - Women
Basketball - Men
Basketball - Women
Soccer - Women 

Our students participate in the Sac-Joaquin Section of the CIF which includes: 

  • the 2nd largest Section in California 
  • has 26 Leagues
  • has 197 Member Schools
  • reaches more than 225,000 students
  • directly influences 130,000 student-athletes and their families
  • has awarded more than $350,000 in scholarships to student-athletes
  • covers more than 14,500 square miles of California
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